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Good experience.

Date: 17 Mar 2015
By Archana Bhui

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i m really happy to work with u .. all r fresh positive and professional thanks samir sarkar

By Samir Sarkar,

Samir Sarkar

Some collectors of Vijay’s work: 1. Vice Chancellor-Delhi University 2. General Manager-Bank of Tokyo India 3. CEO-Dabur India 4. CEO Avenir Consulting 5. CEO-Disney India 6. CMD-Madison World 7. MD-Deutsche Bank India 8. Sr. President-Tech. Mahindra 9. MD-PE Consulting India 10. Special Advisor-UCLA Santa Cruz (USA) 11. Jt. MD-Duraline India 12. President-Outokumpu India 13. Ex Chairman-KPMG And many Industrialists, Artists, and Tourists from Japan, Germany, Switzerland, USA. What does Martina Henkel, a German Tourist have to say about a painting that she bought in 2014 in Vijay's solo show in Delhi. "I was as a tourist in Delhi in February 2014. I was walking through the streets discovering what the huge city was offering to me. I am an art lover and to my big surprise I could find the wonderful exhibition of Vijay Kiyawat. I was impressed by the wonderful colouring of his works and the very fine and subtle way to show the beauty of nature. I could feel the meditation in his works to bring the watching people in contact with the subtle worlds of energies in all beings. So I decided to buy the most beautiful and peaceful painting (my opinion), bought it on the spot, and asked for shipping to Germany. The painting was elegantly framed, labeled at the back, and accompanied by the artists signed certificate of authenticity. It was professionally packed and reached my doorstep in good conditions all the way from India. I am really very happy with my treasure I found totally unexpected. I am really very happy to see it every day guiding me into a kingdom of phantasy and beauty and alive nature in the most pretty way. The painting has not found its place yet, because I am in a totally changing situation of my life. But it is a faithful companion through all my days. To illustrate my words I send some pictures of delivery and packaging. Thank you for all that you gave to me. Blessings and love." Martina

By Vijay Kiyawat, India

Vijay Kiyawat

TECHNIQUES AND CREATIVE THINKING Dhananjay has been painting for the last 25 years. He creates graphic and structural uniformity on canvas through the play of light & shade. His paintings are basically a judicious mix of the abstract and realistic forms. His thoughts stem from unique imagination, which combines the real natural world with the artistic and creative world. He finds modernism on canvas with the help mythological and old Indian art . He expresses graphic and cutout form through mythological and old Indian art series with remarkable uses of colours to depict the unknown mysteries in the natural world. His many collections bring out his natural creative talent and total love for art. He paints with oil & acrylic colours on canvas.

By Dhananjay Mukherjee, 78

Dhananjay Mukherjee

Testimonial on the services that you provided and my experiences with IndianArtCollectors. Dear Visitors, Artists, Art Lovers and Art Critics, INDIAN ART COLLECTORS is a unique site displaying a panorama of Art Work of eminent and upcoming artists from India. A great chance is offered for Artists as well as Art Collectors for selling and buying quality Art from renowned Artists. A beautiful place for Art lovers and Creative Talents to show their talents.A wonderful site interwoven with brains and passion. Visitors of this reputed site, I hope, will take a glimpse very often for mutual benefit.I am grateful to be associated with Indian Art Collectors . With Warm Regards and Love. -Puja Sarkar

By Puja Sarkar, India

Puja Sarkar


By Asit Kumar Sarkar, 78

Asit Kumar Sarkar

Considering the rich Indian Heritage and Culture, one should view the concept of Art as the way of plain living with high thinking. The philosophical aspects of human activities can be widely desectioned individually by both the artists and non-artists, though each creature on this very planet himself becomes a symbol of beauty – a typical concept of unexpressed Art. ‘Maya’, the divine form of illusion and the magic vision, as described by Indian sages, is actually responsible for our inability to visualize the excellent inherent ‘Form’ of all elements that form this world. Through the inner eyes and defeating the ‘Maya’, the True Artist makes himself able to visualize the ‘Real Form’ of objects, even he finds his own existence inside the ‘Prana’, the invisible true life of those objects. We have our eyes not to look at the stones or the trees or anything else but to visualize those objects; we have our hearts not to respire only but to breathe deeply into the inherent ‘life’ of those certainly. Indians utter Ekaadwiyam Saadipra Bahudha Baadanti (One becomes many and all becomes one). During the last five eventful years obviously to be involved in his latest creations Dipankar finds his own concept of beauty into the unmarked emergence of tiny parts of the entire ‘Creation’ – the existence of ‘Whole’, the concept of ‘Supreme’. The shapes and sizes of leaves of trees appear before him as the symbol of the source of ‘Ultimate’ Creativity in this present haunting world. The unwanted perversion and distortion of life tears his intellect continually as he intensely tries to reveal the ‘Flow of creativeness’ through the philosophical concept of ‘MOTHERHOOD’ – finally he discovers his own existence as a part of the ‘Whole’ – feels and searches the ‘Aaroop’ into the ‘Roop’, the ‘Unformed Ultimate’ inside the visible ‘Form’. Dipankar concentrates his meditation upon the unfortunately ‘not-noticed’ natural subjects around us, which are peeping out smoothly to form their own abstract identities from the abstract ‘Motherhood’ – the only supreme and ultimate existence of the ‘WHOLE’. - Muktiram Maiti.

By Dipankar Pal, INDIA

Dipankar Pal

By Dr. Bharati Mate, India

Dr. Bharati Mate

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