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    Modern Artwork

    The term “modern” for artwork in India can broadly be categorized in the period post 1857. The gallery of modern art in New Delhi hosts some beautiful collections of this era. Indian modern artwork is synonymous with the Bengal School of Painting which was given much impetus by the elite British officials. When we speak of modern artwork, it is the certain sense of liberation from formation and discovery which is mainly propounded; there is a universal recognition of the free style and attitude which has aided in situating the illustrations of the artist in a worldwide standpoint, in contrast to being centered only on the provincial. There is a definite escalation of skill which over time has burgeoned and turned out to be superlative; the artist currently has surfaced as a conspicuous personality. There is one breed of individuals which regard modern artwork as forbidden and insist on sticking to the traditional forms of expression. Artists over the centuries have been evolving and will continue to do so in the future too. Raja Ravi Varma was one such progressive youth of his times who literally initiated India into the world of modern artworks. Abanindranath Tagore too is another face of the modern artist who learned many revival methods of fine art at his throne of learning. In all honesty, real modern artwork commenced to be created only post India’s independence as freedom brought with it, immense opportunities. The artist then was not willing to stick to the age old norms and was keen to be accepted globally. With the world opening up for India, the artists managed to travel to various parts of the world and some even enrolled at the top art schools of Europe. The learning here was immense and breaking out of the rigmarole, a sheer pleasure. Experimenting with new mediums and in novel styles was an exciting step forward in the world of fine art. Art collections which are modern, contemporary or abstract can be found in online galleries of modern art. Earlier on, the art lovers spent luxurious days at the physical gallery of modern art, which took up both time and energy. That’s not the case anymore. People are leading hectic and stressful lives, but modern artwork continues to be their love and passion; online gallery of modern art helps them to savor the many art pieces that appeal to them. Also, here it is possible to come across affordable artwork due to immense competition between the many artists. This platform is fantastic for the artists to display their work and also get critical acclaim from their seniors, which helps to improve their skills. The authentic gallery of modern art hosts only original works and there is no room here for duplication. They ensure that they carefully sift the works sent by diverse artists and keep the quality of the picture in mind. Affordable art collection which adds color to your vacant walls brings about a sense of warmth, taste and style to your abode. Collecting modern artwork is a brilliant form of investing your money as their worth is on a steady hike. Online modern art galleries work as perfect spots for buying and selling art; it’s not only a stage for the artists but the collectors too can make hordes of money by displaying what they own, at such portals.


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    Landscape Artwork

    The artists creating landscape artwork are typically romantic and idealistic in their being. Nature extends an extraordinary appeal for them and the mountains, seas, forests, trees, clouds, streams, valleys, the moon and the sun are employed by them to speak their language of love. The landscape artists seem tender and thoughtful; they have this subtle capability of capturing various moods of nature and depicting it in diverse forms. Weather plays a key role in the composition of landscape artwork. The word “landscape” is consequential from the Dutch word “landschap” which literally means a piece of farm land. This word took shape in the English language about the 17th century. Landscape artists the world over have earned a place of reverence and pride due to their fabulous creations. Actually, landscape artwork goes back many centuries and in India it can be traced to the Bhimbetka caves. It is true that all artists are inspired by some source, for them to paint what they do. Nature is all around you and from times immemorial; the artists have given vent to their feeling via various themes and subjects. landscape paintings have an ethereal and spiritual feel about them and the landscape artists express with nature in its assortment of dispositions, expressions and nostalgia. The vast topography of India has lead the landscape artist to make canvases of deserts, oceans, the mighty Himalayas, the river valley plains etc. These are categorized as seascapes, cityscapes, river sceneries etc. and the medium deployed is oil, pastels or watercolors. The artists, when making landscape artwork give immense impetus to light as it impacts the shadows, colors and contrasts of the picture. The goal of the landscape artists is to create paintings which would bring joy in the life of the viewers. Having attractive landscape adorn your home factually brings nature within your four walls. The idea of the artist is to share what he makes with the world at large as where is the point in creating if your expression is not witnessed. It is online art galleries which work like magic at this time and the landscape artists from any part of the world can showcase their work here. In earlier times, it was impossible for some top of the line upcoming artists’ to get any attention. The well renowned art galleries could only stock a certain amount but with the online art galleries gaining so much popularity, all artists worth their work are getting noticed. The landscape artwork collectors too are having a great time browsing their hearts away and sitting in New-York, you can come across some very charming pieces belonging to artists in India. The well established online art galleries omit the cost of shipping and make sure that the piece reaches you in a perfect condition, at your doorstep. Abstract landscape artwork makes for fabulous presents on birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. The vibrancy in their colors makes the heavens and earth appear as one; the landscape artist inspires for a panorama to be altered as a rhythmical mystical experience instead of merely depicting an issue. It is most definitely the romantics who paved way for the abstract landscape artwork to flourish, as over the years this has become the favorite of many art lovers. With the passage of time, new styles have originated and like other forms of art, landscape artwork too is constantly evolving.

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