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Bharat Thakur

Bangalore, India 6 Followers

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  • About Artist

    An abstract view with Bharat Thakur

    What is an art? Here and here connects together and you look and it's beautiful, that's art. If you look at something and you say stunning, that all is art. Anything that reaches the epitome of your end is very spiritual. Similarly when you start an empty canvas and you reach to that end, it is a very blissful experience. Bharat Thakur is an abstract artist who makes his joyous explosive works without a brush. Instead he uses his bare hands, rollers and even his feet and nails. He doesn't only meld his flexibility and spirituality in his artwork. Thakur is also a renowned yoga instructor. You will see a dynamic movement and it's very controlled. In yoga you control the movement of the body, similarly in most of my artworks you will see that controlled movement. Every canvas you know, each canvas takes you to the next step. I paint minimum 15-18 hours a day at one stretch. I like abstract other than figures because in figures, anyone can reproduce it. Abstract is very difficult to reproduce because it's millions of strokes that will make that painting happen. I'm the only artist, I want to be. Where none of my artwork should say ' this is that painter' . I want to challenge my style, my pattern. What I will do today will be entirely different from what i have done till now. Is is where this comes " is that the same artist? has he done this also? If you bounce and proceed with that velocity, you will be respected as a great artist.

  • Academics

    Bharat Thakur, is a revolutionary yogi who is as well-known for his world famous brand of yoga as he is for his uncompromising attitude towards spirituality. The fact that he was immersed in yoga and may other spiritual traditions at the age of four under his master Sukhdev Brahmachari, only makes him a master of applying these various traditions towards the one goal of discovering your true self, and living life to the fullest while being connected within. With a Master’s degree and a Phd in Sports Medicine and Yoga, he is equally well versed in the scientific tradition, which he strongly believes in.

  • Exhibitions

    Solo show "Space Between" at Gallery time and Space Bangalore, 21st November 2016